An essay by Jo

You have the right to move on and to leave behind you what do not bring you happiness. You have the right to leave behind you a friend who always disappoint you. You have the right to move on.

Although ,that often teach us to swallow. To accept. To withhold and to turn our backs on ourselves to avoid conflict. But why are you silent when someone offends you? Why to stay with someone who hurt you? Why put up with an attitude that you not deserve? You do not have to do that. You needs to move on. And to get rid of everything that weighs on your heart. To get rid the past that brings you pain every time ,when you look back. To get rid the thoughts ,who they discourage. To get rid of everything that pulls you back. You have the right to pull out of your life ,the people who only take from you ,without giving you anything. People who want you to be with them, but they are never to you. People who love you ,but only on words.

You have to change your life. Make it on the way ,that you want and deserve. You do not owe anything to anyone. You owe it to yourself.

Reprinting with the courtesy from Webverlag – source


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